BG Pictures Photography | Wooloot / Love Is Louder Headphones Product Photography
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Wooloot / Love Is Louder Headphones Product Photography

28 Jul Wooloot / Love Is Louder Headphones Product Photography

This was a cool, fun shoot to promote the new Wooloot Headphones that are part of the Love Is Louder movement. From the Love Is Louder website:

Love is Louder was started by actress Brittany Snow, The Jed Foundation and MTV to build on the outpouring of support online after the lives of multiple teenagers were lost to suicide in September 2010. This movement strives to amplify the momentum of other inspiring online campaigns and invite anyone who has felt mistreated, misunderstood or isolated into the conversation. We are here to raise the volume around a critical message — that love and support is more powerful than the external and internal voices that bring us down, cause us pain and make us feel hopeless.

For this shoot they not only wanted the product shots for the website but also some artistic shots to express the movement’s image through the headphones. I went for a fun, youthful, energetic approach to really drive home the feeling of listening through the cans!