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Trash The Bouquet Session

28 Sep Trash The Bouquet Session

You’ve all heard of a Trash The Dress session – but I invented a Trash The Bouquet session!  It’s a very unique way I give my wedding clients a beautiful addition to the wedding day photography!  It started with one of my awesome couples, Mike & Madlyn Dawson, who were open to really having some fun for their bridal pictures the day of their wedding, coordinated by Tammy of Special Moments.  After doing some really cool stuff including having Mike roof surf a golf cart while his new bride tried to kill him (no not really, OK maybe a little) I setup some sweet last shots as the sun headed over the horizon.  Madlyn had a GORGEOUS bouquet arraigned by Iza’s Flowers and it really popped in all the photos of the day!  But here we were near the end, and it was just going to sit on the table for a few more hours then be tossed – they were off to the honeymoon after all, and it would never be seen again.  So I thought hey – let’s have some fun with it!  It did take a little convincing, but I knew the shots I already had in my head would be awesome – and they were!  It culminated with a huge vertical toss showing the excitement of the day!  Actually to me the best part was the look on Iza’s face when I told her what we did to her flowers 😉  But after she saw the final result I think she felt better…a little better at least 😉