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10 Apr Wooloot Headphones Product Shoot

Wooloot Headphones Product Shoot Today I finished a project shooting some new product for Wooloot! They came out with a cool new line of stylish headphones in four colors. This shoot was for the new website and store pages, and also featured short video...

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20 Dec Wooloot Backpacks & Hats

Wooloot stopped by again today to drop off more new products for a magazine ad!  They are really cool high quality goodies, easy to carry backpacks and super soft beanies! [gallery link="file" columns="4"]...

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13 May Wooloot Watches

Wooloot has come out with some new lines to their rubberized waterproof sport watches and I had fun creating some art for them today!  Check them out at! [gallery link="file" columns="4"]...

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16 Nov Wooloot Sport Watches

Welcome Wooloot to the BG Pictures Client Family!  These sporty, water proof watches cater to the active lifestyle.  Offered in a variety of hot color and three sizes, anyone can find a model to suit them! [gallery columns="4"]...

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