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02 Aug Is It Worth Being Published?

'Being Published' - exciting words for anyone including us photographers for sure! But what does it really mean? I've been re-examining my goals for my business in regards to how I show and publicize my images including getting them 'published' in the mainstream media and...

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28 Nov Get More Dynamic Range From Your Canon Camera

So I just wrapped up a product shoot and accidentally discovered something I sure have never read somewhere else. Not saying it's not known, but it was news to me! For those of us with recent Canon bodies (this may apply to Nikon/Sony-sensored bodies as well but I don't have one to test), we have the ability to shoot at multiple RAW resolution levels. There are plenty of times when it's a good idea to use those lower-res settings, such as when shooting for web-only use, or something you know will never be printed big or cropped. It saves a ton of space and time! I do a lot of regular product work and also do a lot of standard cigar shots for my other business, reviewing cigars. Every day I take the exact same shots of cigars for the website, and they are only used in videos and on the web so I always use small raw
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