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18 May Tyler’s Senior Portraits

Tyler is a mixture of a rugged outdoorsman and a lead singer of a local metal band! I wanted to bring out both these qualities so the shoot was done at both a nature preserve and at one of his favorite venues in Tarpon...

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06 May Architectural Shoot for SHCS Inc.

This was for promotional and sales material to be used on the website and brochure for Sisters Home Care Services, a Tampa based company that runs group homes for the developmentally disabled.  These homes are newly renovated and ready to be lived in by many...

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10 Apr Wooloot Headphones Product Shoot

Wooloot Headphones Product Shoot Today I finished a project shooting some new product for Wooloot! They came out with a cool new line of stylish headphones in four colors. This shoot was for the new website and store pages, and also featured short video...

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07 May Full Engagement Shoot – Jen Conrad & Mike Frost

Here are the selects from a fun engagement shoot for Jen Conrad and Mike Frost, shot in Lettuce Lake Park, Tampa FL!  We walked around the lake on the boardwalk and found some really nice nooks to dive in to and create some magical moments! [gallery...

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12 Sep Verde Nutritionals

This was a shoot for an upcoming energy drink product by Verde Nutritionals. Flavored 'shots' can be done as-is or added to any container of water, for a nutritional energy boost without sugar! [gallery]...

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17 Jan Bang & Olufsen

Well, if you are an A/V head like me, a B&O store can pretty much be a temple.  Yes, it's ungodly expensive.  Yes it only likes to work with it's own kind.  Yes, if you sit down in one of their theater rooms you may...

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