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25 Feb For The Love Of Food

I have many passions and I always try to combine them when possible! Photography is of course my core but I also spend quite a bit of time around the cigar industry, computers & technology - and food! I'm not a chef by any means...

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20 Jul Commercial Ad Shoot For

This was a quick shoot for a great new product for watching movies or whatnot on your phone, in bed!  It can also be used just about anywhere you sit, but it's really great for the bedroom.  I had a lovely model to work...

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03 Jun Bridal Model Shoot

This was a quick fun shoot I did with a few fellow photogs in a small section of Downtown Tampa and a couple lovely ladies!  I was blessed with the gorgeous Aylen Suarez for a few minutes and setup these beautiful shots of her! [gallery link="file"...

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14 Oct Why You Need To Check Your Vendors

This has become an all too common occurrence in the last few years. I think some vendor categories are more susceptible to it than others, such as Photography due to the relatively low out of pocket expense needed to fake it. What am I talking about? Fake businesses! I have warned many people in the past and will continue to do so in the future. There are several huge pitfalls that can all be avoided by doing a small amount of research in to your vendors before even meeting with them. What do I mean by fake? I mean people that are pretending to have a business, or people that are simply lying about their work. Both are easy to do and BOY is it done!
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28 Sep Trash The Bouquet Session

You've all heard of a Trash The Dress session - but I invented a Trash The Bouquet session!  It's a very unique way I give my wedding clients a beautiful addition to the wedding day photography!  It started with one of my awesome couples, Mike & Madlyn...

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15 Aug Jessica & Tyler Davis Bridal Highlights

Jessica & Tyler Davis were married in Ohio and chose BG Pictures Photography to do a special bridal session on the beautiful shores of St. Petersburg, FL at the Beachcomber Resort! After enjoying a long weekend relaxing in the tropical sun here, they were off...

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12 Feb Cigar Art Phone Wallpapers Available! NOW AVAILABLE - High-resolution cigar art wallpapers optimized for your Phone! Bringing out the stunning beauty of fine cigars, this nearly 300 image pack combines the power of the iPhone's display with the art of Cigar Obsession & BG Pictures Photography! Click the link above to...

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