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16 Apr Various Cigar Art

I've been busy with cigar art, both for personal use and for corporate clients!  This is some of it, ranging from images for website usage, to contest promotion to just plain fun!  Featured are special selections from, Limited edition cigars from and Padron...

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10 Apr Wooloot Headphones Product Shoot

Wooloot Headphones Product Shoot Today I finished a project shooting some new product for Wooloot! They came out with a cool new line of stylish headphones in four colors. This shoot was for the new website and store pages, and also featured short video...

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17 Aug Cigar Shots for Pinar Del Rio Cigars

I was commissioned for some art shots for a new line of cigars out of Miami called Pinar Del Rio. Not only are the EXCEPTIONALLY good cigars, they also look fantastic with TOP notch artwork on the bands and boxes! [gallery columns="4"] ...

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28 Jul Cigar Art for Pinar Del Rio

Pinar Del Rio has commissioned me to take art shots of their new line of cigars, this is the first line, the 1878! [gallery link="file" columns="4"]...

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21 May La Herencia De Cuba Cigars

This week I had a great meeting with Abraham and Juan from La Herencia De Cuba Cigars to shoot their line for a new website, brochure and catalog!  I'll be designing the brochure over the next week or so and then am looking forward to...

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