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02 Sep What To Do When Your Work Is Stolen

Given enough time and/or volume most of us will have material stolen from our websites and used somewhere else, usually on another website or Facebook. When that happens you first must determine the ultimate resolution that is applicable to the situation. This basically comes down to one of two things, either the offending party owes you money or you just want the material removed. In the first case, you need to go through sometimes drawn out litigation. The PPA has staff on hand to help with this. Things get more complicated if the work has been published, and if you have not filed for copyright protection of the image(s). Simply holding the copyright, as you do by producing any work, does not give you full rights. But that's another topic for another day... In the 2nd and most common case, you simply want the stolen work to be removed and maybe tell the thief get the idea. In this case I suggest two things. First, email the site/person with the following notice:
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