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24 Oct The Dominican Republic Blogger Tour 2011 Slideshow & Video

For those that don't know I'm not just a commercial and wedding photographer but also a video cigar reviewer, running Last week I was invited down to Santiago, Dominican Republic as a guest of General Cigar, the world's largest cigar manufacturer to tour the Dominican operations as both a blogger and photographer. I had an absolute blast, but it was a LOT of work. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here's 1/2 a million words for ya ;) My fellow bloggers are much more gifted at the text of our trip than I so I'll just stick to what I'm good at!
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16 Apr Various Cigar Art

I've been busy with cigar art, both for personal use and for corporate clients!  This is some of it, ranging from images for website usage, to contest promotion to just plain fun!  Featured are special selections from, Limited edition cigars from and Padron...

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