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Commercial Rates

[red_title title=”Commercial Rates” subtitle=”Contact Me Today” style=”red-title-centered” ][/red_title]
20120414pdr0005-Edit[red_box box_bg_color=”#fff” box_text_color=”#000″ content_width=”100%” padding_sides=”0″ padding_top_bottom=”0″ content_align=”left” ]Commercial and portrait shoots are quoted on a project basis so there are no surprises or add-on extras to raise the prices on you at the last minute. I specialize in all types of project photography for websites, brochures, booth displays, banners, magazine advertisement and more. I produce exquisite work from the smallest bits of jewelry to interior decoration and renovation. Do you need corporate headshots? How about updated images for your new website or a product catalog refresh? New lines coming to market soon? I can help with all that and more. Contact me today with your project details for a custom quote![/red_box]