BG Pictures Photography | Lunch With The La Gloria Crew
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Lunch With The La Gloria Crew

29 Mar Lunch With The La Gloria Crew

I had the pleasure Monday of having a nice little lunch and couple hours discussion with some of the folks from Team La Gloria Cubana including Michael Giannini, Yuri Guillen and The fabulous Victoria McKee!

Conversation drifted quickly off cigars and the industry to everything from weddings to puppies! These guys are really down to earth and have interesting backgrounds and lives, far beyond what you would expect from hardcore cigar people – which they ARE. But as far as the cigars they are understandably quite passionate about not only their work, but the people they work with. ‘Family’ is how the employees were described to me, and I genuinely believe they feel that way.

As we all enjoyed cigars of our choosing at the table for a couple hours, myself having another Serie N courtesy of Michael and his wicked cool leather travel case, I got to know these three fine people better, got to know a little more about the heart of the brand, and hopefully will have opportunities in the future to share more of them with all of you! Thanks for the good times, guys – and thank you Victoria for taking this picture!