BG Pictures Photography | Jen & Mike’s Wedding Album
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Jen & Mike’s Wedding Album

02 Mar Jen & Mike’s Wedding Album

Jen & Mike got to see their wedding album for the first time tonight and take home some treats!  The main album is a 14″x18″” 60 page wonder, with custom blue Italian leather covering, a metallic print insert and debossment on the cover.  The layouts are all custom done with a mix of standouts, sequences and panoramics throughout the album.  Each page is a thick, durable museum grade material that will outlast us all by more than a century!  Also included were 3 smaller versions that will be used as parent albums, in a 4″x5″ size for easy carrying and display by the proud relatives!  They also received a 16″x20″ large print of a favorite engagement shot, a 20″x30″ framed print of a bridal portrait and a custom calendar with a layout of their favorite shots throughout the next year!