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Camera & Monitor Calibration & DSLR Sensor Cleaning

19 Aug Camera & Monitor Calibration & DSLR Sensor Cleaning

Photographers!  Cinematographers!  You provide your clients the best service possible right?  Of course you do!  Don’t forget to take care of yourselves AND your equipment too!

It really does pay – in time & money – to take care of the little things ahead of time.  Using clean and properly adjusted equipment can mean many hours and thousands of dollars back in YOUR pocket!  How many of us have gone through a shoot only to find they we now had 1000 frames with dust in them?  Spots that had to be individually cloned out, taking many hours of precise repetitive work at our computers?  How many of us have shot with multiple bodies and/or shooters, and then had to spend even more time, matching white balance and color between them?  Have you ever received prints back and not been happy with how they look compared to how they did when you were editing?  Were the colors off, were they too bright or too dark?

I can fix all of this and more!  I provide camera calibration services, DSLR sensor cleaning and computer monitor calibration services in the Tampa Bay area.  There is no longer a need to send your equipment off to the factory service centers and not only be without it for weeks, but just hope it comes back correct each time.  By lining your ducks in a row you will have the absolute peace of mind that what you are working with and doing while you edit is correct and you have dramatically improved your workflow!

Camera calibration is unfortunately little known even in the professional world, but it shouldn’t be.  It’s a fact that every camera sensor is different, and ‘sees’ color differently from one another.  When you process shots from two different cameras of the exact same scene, even with the exact same camera settings, each will render that scene differently.  When you are shooting a wedding for example, it’s important that everything be uniform.  No one certainly wants a bride with two shades of skintone, depending on which camera shot her!  And likewise, no one wants to spend the extra hours matching the shots during editing.  I provide a calibration service to measure each of your bodies and provide the corrective measures to bring each to exact and proper color levels.  Even if you are only using one body, you need to make sure it’s providing true and accurate color!

DSLRs have one flaw, in that every single time you change a lens, dust and dirt get in.  Most of the time it settles harmlessly inside the body, but sooner than later it does collect on the sensor itself, leaving spots in all your shots.  Similarly every time you take a shot and the mirror flips up, grease can fling off and land on the sensor.  I provide a fast and economical service, coming to your location, to clean your sensor of all contaminants, leaving you with a spotless sensor just as fresh from the factory.  No more spots, streaks and debris to clone out!

For those of us that do our own editing, having a quality monitor is something most of us are aware we absolutely need.  We have invested thousands of dollars in our equipment and computers, and it makes no sense to shoot yourself in the foot working on a non-calibrated display.  If you don’t know that what you are looking at is true and accurate, you can never get back the exact prints you need.  They might be close, but will not match.  The same goes for video editing!  You want to be sure the footage coming out of your studio is exactly correct, right?  Of course you do.  This is what monitor calibration does for you and your work.  I use professional grade calibration hardware and software, and spend the time to tweak your equipment to absolute perfect levels, giving you the best and most accurate editing environment.

Contact me today to discuss your needs and we’ll make an appointment to get your equipment up to spec!