BG Pictures Photography | BG Pictures is Offering Calibration Services!
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BG Pictures is Offering Calibration Services!

24 Jan BG Pictures is Offering Calibration Services!

Color management is a critical part of being a successful pro in our field! Many simply aren’t aware of what it is, or why it’s so important – and what they can do about it! I have provided these services over the years when the topic came up, but am now offering my services to everyone in the Tampa Bay area!

In short, our cameras and monitors must be properly color calibrated for accurate editing. Many people often wonder why the prints don’t look exactly like what they see on the screen. It’s simply because they are not using color management!

You don’t need to invest the hundreds of dollars needed to get everything done. I have it all and can simply do it for you! If you shoot RAW your camera needs to be calibrated. Anyone doing their own editing (which should be all of us!) needs to be sure they are working on calibrated monitors. Do you have multiple monitors and wonder why they look different? Do you have multiple cameras and wonder why they have different colors coming out of them? I fix all of that!

Calibration service takes 30-60 minutes per device, depending on it’s speed. Service is just $50 and I come to you, on your schedule! If you have multiple devices we can work out a discount. Any brand camera, laptops, desktops, multi-monitors – it can all be done. When it’s finished, you will be working in a fully calibrated professional environment, guaranteeing you exact results going to the printer and your client.