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A Good Band Is Hard To Find

07 Sep A Good Band Is Hard To Find

As a wedding photographer I have been to a huge variety of events with reception entertainment!  I’ve seen everything from an iPod (DON’T DO IT) to a club/DJ setup, a solo musician to a full live band.  What you choose for your wedding is certainly dependent on a few key factors including venue size, guest list, money and of course your taste & needs for music of the evening.

Bands until 10-15 years ago were very popular for weddings but have been on a steady decline ever since, replaced by the other options, usually a DJ.  Now don’t get me wrong, there’s NOTHING wrong with a good DJ!  But at the same time there’s NOTHING like the experience of LIVE music.  It simply doesn’t compare to a speaker setup no matter how good it is at a wedding.

Finding a great band for your wedding can actually be pretty tough!  Most are mediocre at best, others are very specialized covering specific artists only such as Elvis or Sinatra.  I’ve heard some excellent examples of each, however trust me 4 hours of the same kind of tunes gets really old to the guests.  Just because you happen to be a big Elvis fan remember the reception is also to entertain all the people that cared enough to come and fill up that gift table!

I had the pleasure of working with a new-to-me local band this past weekend that rocked my socks off!  I want to give them serious props, they had excellent sound, lighting, singing, playing and performance work the whole night!  I made sure to get them some cool photographs while I was there, every vendor needs professional pictures!  If you are having your event in the Tampa area I highly recommend Lucky Penny!  p.s. – Don’t be dissuaded by their website, it’s behind the times but I assure you the performance is top-notch!