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19 Aug Camera & Monitor Calibration & DSLR Sensor Cleaning

Photographers!  Cinematographers!  You provide your clients the best service possible right?  Of course you do!  Don't forget to take care of yourselves AND your equipment too! It really does pay - in time & money - to take care of the little things ahead of time.  Using clean and properly adjusted equipment can mean many hours and thousands of dollars back in YOUR pocket!  How many of us have gone through a shoot only to find they we now had 1000 frames with dust in them?  Spots that had to be individually cloned out, taking many hours of precise repetitive work at our computers?  How many of us have shot with multiple bodies and/or shooters, and then had to spend even more time, matching white balance and color between them?  Have you ever received prints back and not been happy with how they look compared to how they did when you were editing?  Were the colors off, were they too bright or too dark?
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24 Jan BG Pictures is Offering Calibration Services!

Color management is a critical part of being a successful pro in our field! Many simply aren't aware of what it is, or why it's so important - and what they can do about it! I have provided these services over the years...

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08 Jan Welcome Alfredo Alamo

Alfredo is a very talented sculptor and artist in the Tampa Bay area.  His work here consisted of concrete and metal pieces of extraordinary quality.  Standing as high as 2 feet these works of art were both stunning to see and touch. [gallery link="file" columns="5"]...

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