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28 Nov Personal and Vehicle GPS Unit Product Photography

These are some GPS units, designed for vehicle and personal tracking for emergencies such as with Alzheimer patients. I love working with and supporting local companies, and these guys have a great thing started! I'll be doing all new marketing material, displays and advertisements next! ...

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13 Jul Product Photography – Wallpaper Patterns

After using two other and interviewing four more photographers to properly shoot their wallpaper products, Madison Wallcoverings finally came to BG Pictures to get the job done right!  It was actually a fun shoot, for which I made some custom tools to properly, accurately and consistently hold...

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20 Jun Commercial Cigar Photography For Pinar Del Rio

These are some highlights from a new catalog, website, brochure and magazine ad shoot for Pinar Del Rio Cigars out of Miami, FL.  They have always been a favorite brand of mine, and of course I love doing product photography, so cigars is always a...

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18 Jun Behind The Scenes Cigar Product Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes Cigar Product Photoshoot I happen to be a big cigar reviewer in my spare time for fun, and I have been successfully merging my two passions for years, shooting commercially for cigar clients ranging from the largest in the world to brand new one-man-band boutiques. I absolutely love any type of product photography but especially anything in the cigar industry! I shot this for my cigar site and thought it would be a great cross-post for this site as well, since people may be interested in the technical aspects of the shoot. I go over a bit of the setup and gear and my plan of attack for doing a simple cigar box shot for a brochure.
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