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12 Aug My Experience With Canon Lens Repair Services

As a professional shooter I knew the day would come eventually when I had no choice but to send equipment off for factory service. I'm glad it wasn't under warranty and you might think that strange, but the simple truth is I expect my equipment...

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02 Aug Is It Worth Being Published?

'Being Published' - exciting words for anyone including us photographers for sure! But what does it really mean? I've been re-examining my goals for my business in regards to how I show and publicize my images including getting them 'published' in the mainstream media and...

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25 Feb For The Love Of Food

I have many passions and I always try to combine them when possible! Photography is of course my core but I also spend quite a bit of time around the cigar industry, computers & technology - and food! I'm not a chef by any means...

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24 Oct The Dominican Republic Blogger Tour 2011 Slideshow & Video

For those that don't know I'm not just a commercial and wedding photographer but also a video cigar reviewer, running Last week I was invited down to Santiago, Dominican Republic as a guest of General Cigar, the world's largest cigar manufacturer to tour the Dominican operations as both a blogger and photographer. I had an absolute blast, but it was a LOT of work. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, here's 1/2 a million words for ya ;) My fellow bloggers are much more gifted at the text of our trip than I so I'll just stick to what I'm good at!
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28 Sep Trash The Bouquet Session

You've all heard of a Trash The Dress session - but I invented a Trash The Bouquet session!  It's a very unique way I give my wedding clients a beautiful addition to the wedding day photography!  It started with one of my awesome couples, Mike & Madlyn...

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03 Mar & TomTom iPhone 4 Mount Promotional Photos & TomTom iPhone 4 Mount Promotional Photos I shot these promotion photographs for the jailbreak iphone 6 website and filmed the installation of the units in to my car as a review.  The units are both extremely rugged and solid, matching any OEM...

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11 Apr 2010 Escape from Fort DeSoto Triathlon

This was the 2010 Escape from Fort DeSoto Triathlon with over 1,100 participants completing the grueling course of swim, bike run!  The weather was picture perfect at Ft. DeSoto Park with sun, breeze and 75 deg temps!  Ages ran from young teens to 80's and...

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