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02 Aug Is It Worth Being Published?

'Being Published' - exciting words for anyone including us photographers for sure! But what does it really mean? I've been re-examining my goals for my business in regards to how I show and publicize my images including getting them 'published' in the mainstream media and...

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14 Oct Why You Need To Check Your Vendors

This has become an all too common occurrence in the last few years. I think some vendor categories are more susceptible to it than others, such as Photography due to the relatively low out of pocket expense needed to fake it. What am I talking about? Fake businesses! I have warned many people in the past and will continue to do so in the future. There are several huge pitfalls that can all be avoided by doing a small amount of research in to your vendors before even meeting with them. What do I mean by fake? I mean people that are pretending to have a business, or people that are simply lying about their work. Both are easy to do and BOY is it done!
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