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25 Feb For The Love Of Food

I have many passions and I always try to combine them when possible! Photography is of course my core but I also spend quite a bit of time around the cigar industry, computers & technology - and food! I'm not a chef by any means...

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18 Jun Behind The Scenes Cigar Product Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes Cigar Product Photoshoot I happen to be a big cigar reviewer in my spare time for fun, and I have been successfully merging my two passions for years, shooting commercially for cigar clients ranging from the largest in the world to brand new one-man-band boutiques. I absolutely love any type of product photography but especially anything in the cigar industry! I shot this for my cigar site and thought it would be a great cross-post for this site as well, since people may be interested in the technical aspects of the shoot. I go over a bit of the setup and gear and my plan of attack for doing a simple cigar box shot for a brochure.
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27 Feb Florida Cigar Summit Highlights

This was the first annual Florida Cigar Summit - a meeting of top cigar industry executives and Florida legislature to discuss the state of the industry and future.  It was held in Ybor City, Tampa FL at the J.C. Newman Factory. [gallery link="file" columns="5"]...

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