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20 Jun Commercial Cigar Photography For Pinar Del Rio

These are some highlights from a new catalog, website, brochure and magazine ad shoot for Pinar Del Rio Cigars out of Miami, FL.  They have always been a favorite brand of mine, and of course I love doing product photography, so cigars is always a...

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18 Jun Behind The Scenes Cigar Product Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes Cigar Product Photoshoot I happen to be a big cigar reviewer in my spare time for fun, and I have been successfully merging my two passions for years, shooting commercially for cigar clients ranging from the largest in the world to brand new one-man-band boutiques. I absolutely love any type of product photography but especially anything in the cigar industry! I shot this for my cigar site and thought it would be a great cross-post for this site as well, since people may be interested in the technical aspects of the shoot. I go over a bit of the setup and gear and my plan of attack for doing a simple cigar box shot for a brochure.
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06 May Architectural Shoot for SHCS Inc.

This was for promotional and sales material to be used on the website and brochure for Sisters Home Care Services, a Tampa based company that runs group homes for the developmentally disabled.  These homes are newly renovated and ready to be lived in by many...

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21 May La Herencia De Cuba Cigars

This week I had a great meeting with Abraham and Juan from La Herencia De Cuba Cigars to shoot their line for a new website, brochure and catalog!  I'll be designing the brochure over the next week or so and then am looking forward to...

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