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25 Dec A Holiday Inn Harbourside Indian Rocks Beach Wedding

Jenni White and Ken Euler were married on the gorgeous afternoon of December 18th 2011 at the Holiday Inn Harbourside, in Indian Rocks Beach, FL!  With many family & friends in attendance we did a tear jerking first look,  two really fun bridal sessions and...

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02 Oct A Sunset Beach Wedding – Lourdes & Bobby Alers

Here are some highlights from this awesome beach wedding coordinated by Special Moments, held on Sunset Beach, FL appropriately at sunset, officiated by Loving Unity!  Lourdes looked exquisite in her flowing white dress complete with gorgeous bouquet by Iza's Flowers.  Bobby was handsome and very suave,...

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10 Jun How Extra Time With Your Photographer Benefits You

How Extra Time With Your Photographer Benefits You Much like an Interiors Photographer, I am not only presented with the challenge to create beautiful work, but to create original, artistic work! That's something that I always strive for, something that I use to push myself, which ultimately pays huge dividends to my clients. Think about it for a second. You are getting married, and of course want tons of great shots on your big day! Do you want the same old cookie cutter shots that have been getting produced for the last 30 years, or do you want some stunning creative works that move up from being in a shoebox to above your couch on a huge canvas print?
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