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30 Aug Why You NEED A Professional Photographer

As strange as it may be to some to hear, I wasn't born with a camera in my hand.  No, in a past life I was actually a variety of other things from aviation student to food worker,automotive engineer to IT manager, commercial truck driver to engine mechanic.  Photography in general has always been in my life - my first girlfriend was the neighbor two doors down growing up and we had a lot of fun in the darkroom her father built for her in the basement.  No, not that kind of fun!  OK maybe a little.  I have always had cameras and of course enjoyed all sorts of projects with them - what photographer HASN'T said that on their website?  My point is when in 2007 I decided to go 'Pro' and become a 100% full time photographer, it wasn't a decision to take lightly.  Every entrepreneur knows the huge risks associated with starting a new business - never mind one just before the worst economic time in most people's living history.  But we also know something else - the huge benefits.  For those of us willing to risk it all, it's worth it every single day, good or bad.
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