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More Tearsheets!

10 Jan More Tearsheets!

I’ve been absolutely inundated with work of the last few months of 2013 and 2014 is looking to be no different. I have a bunch of blog posts to catch up on real soon but I just got this in and wanted to get this one up! I love seeing the end results of my work, and this was a Realty brochure made with my shots. Now tell me THIS kind of thing doesn’t contribute to the home selling super quick (which this one did) rather than the useless cell phone shots 99% of them use? REALTORS – professional commercial photography costs a small fraction of the commission but it gets it in your pocket in record time AND gets you MANY more people wanting to look in the first place! If you know a realtor, shoot them this post so they know what they SHOULD be doing for better sales!