BG Pictures Photography | Jessica & Tyler Davis Bridal Highlights
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Jessica & Tyler Davis Bridal Highlights

15 Aug Jessica & Tyler Davis Bridal Highlights

Jessica & Tyler Davis were married in Ohio and chose BG Pictures Photography to do a special bridal session on the beautiful shores of St. Petersburg, FL at the Beachcomber Resort! After enjoying a long weekend relaxing in the tropical sun here, they were off for an even more relaxing and fun adventure on a honeymoon cruise! They are an awesome couple to work with, their love really shines through and we had a blast before and after sunset on the beach and around the resort! Jessica’s dress looked stunning on her and flowed perfectly right in to the TTD session near the end where they really turned up the passion for a quick session in the surf and afterglow colors of the sky! We shot for well over 2 hours but it really flew by – that’s what happens when you are having fun! Congratulations guys! Please enjoy the slideshow of just some of the fabulous shots from the evening!