BG Pictures Photography | HP Z3100 Drive Belt Replacement How-To Video
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HP Z3100 Drive Belt Replacement How-To Video

11 Mar HP Z3100 Drive Belt Replacement How-To Video

hp z3100 printerThis video details step by step, how to replace the drive belt in a HP Z3100 24″ printer. The same procedures can be followed for the Z2100, Z3200 and 44″ models with minimal differences. It includes removing the window, top cover, front panel, front cover, rear cover, left side, right side, carriage assembly, cutter, sensors and belt assembly plus cleaning and reassembly tips.

Supplies needed:

Service Manual – Click here to download
New belt
Non-evaporating synthetic machine oil
Cotton pads
Double-sided tape
Paper towel
Flat blade screwdriver
T8, T10, T15, T20 drivers
Canned air
2′ of paper

Expect to spend 2-3 hours on the job, taking your time.  One tip I forgot to show – while you have the carriage assembly out and are cleaning it, be sure to wipe clean the color sensor shutter mirror.  It’s on the tiny trap door on the color sensor itself.  It is often hazy and obscured over time which can fail the unit.  Do not clean the sensor lens or emmiter underneath, it should not need it at all.

I did this video using a ‘kit’ but do not suggest doing so, just get the supplies on your own, it’s nothing special. See this article for details on that.

I am no longer supporting this printer in any way, I have sold my copy.

DO NOT assume there are missing steps! If it’s not mentioned DON’T DO IT! That especially means do not try and relock the release screw for the carriage.