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Welcome, I’m so glad you are here! I grew up in the Detroit area and moved to the Tampa area in 1999. I have what I’ve been told is an ‘up north work ethic’. I just call it being a work-a-holic and doing things right the first time. I love living in FL but won’t be here forever. Where will my wife and I go next? Time will tell. But I crave adventure and some of our best times in life are on travel vacations, usually involving mountains, scenery, the oceans, beaches and just beautiful places in general.


Photography is just one of my passions and I specialize in weddings and commercial shoots. I love a crisp, clean editorial look to most of my projects and that certainly carries over to my work. I stay away from fads, filters and anything else that will date my work. Classic & timeless is what I strive for! I am a master of lighting with extensive experience in using both natural light and flashes to get spectacular results in any environment.
I am a tech and gear-head of course, most guys are. I love cars, motorcycles and cigars. I happen to be a large cigar reviewer running one of the biggest cigar websites in the world, CigarObsession producing the most popular video review YouTube channel as well as merging the two loves with my many commercial cigar company accounts. I also run a motorcycle site and channel TwoWheelObsession doing reviews, rides, how-tos, press interviews and more.


I shoot with a wide variety of still and video gear, able to capture virtually anything I wish, although it’s all just tools of the trade and no matter what anyone is using. Most importantly I’m fully proficient with it all! I am happy to answer any specific questions about myself you may have, just use my Contact page.


I have been featured in, published by, associated with and awarded by many organizations including: